26 April 2013

Nuitka on Github, Bitbucket and Gitorious

This is to let you know, that I have finally carved in and created accounts on all those “social” platforms, that deal with code. So far I had resisted their terms (you pay us when we get sued), but I have given up on that stance, it’s likely irrelevant, as Nuitka won’t get sued, and if it is, those are not the issues.

And I don’t want to feel too old school it seems. And who knows, maybe this helps Nuitka to get more contributions.

So these are the landing pages:

  • Bitbucket (since deleted)

    I kind of like the looks of it the most. Also it’s very popular for Python people due to its Mercurial ties. I also liked that it imported my Nuitka repository easily.

  • Github

    Is not being on Github allowed these days? Anyway, from ease of use, the interface looks more powerful.

  • Gitorious (since discontinued)

    The interface and looks definitely are worst. But it’s Free Software, and an open platform, so it has to be in the list.

Let me know what you think. I am going to push ‘develop’ at pre-release and ‘master’ at release time, automatically from the release scripts into all these. Hopefully that way, they turn out to be time savers no wasters.

And yes, I couldn’t decide on one. Since I fancy Free Software, Gitorious probably would have won, but it would also miss the point of expanding the reach. And for as long as I don’t use their issue tracking or Wikis, it appears to be not necessary to make that decision.


The preferred for use, and most up to date repository will remain the one from Downloads.

So fork away, like it, and stuff. Awaiting your pull requests…