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As a commercial user of Python, you definitely need these 4 critical features that only Nuitka commercial offers. Protect your code, your data, your outputs, and tracebacks while still enjoying major convenience features for your application.

Protection vs. Reverse Engineering

Hiding your source code and contained keys is crucial to your IP protection. For this, you need the Nuitka commercial package. It contains plugins to Nuitka that will achieve the following:

Program Constants Data

Obfuscate contained program constants data

Your encryption keys, your program texts, your library usages, all expose textual information, that can be valuable input in Reverse Engineering.

Normally these constants are plain and readable in the created programs (and of course your Python source code or bytecode). Compiling with Nuitka gives you protection of the code, but with the data being easily readable, it will be less effective.

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Contained Data Files

Another facet of the data protection is data files. When your program includes data files to work on, these are visible in the file system. Sometimes, e.g. via QML files of Qt, your program behavior can be changed by an attacker modifying these files.

Therefore Nuitka commercial allows you to include data files as part of the program constants and protect it in the same way as other constants. Without these files accessible, the attacker will not has these an an attack vector.

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Encrypted tracebacks

When your program is deployed and crashing, you could take potentially successful steps against these tracebacks appearing. But when you need to support your client, you need to be able to to actually tell, why your software is crashing.

Python tracebacks are good for this, but you cannot want them to be readable to the user. This is very traceback encryption comes in. Nuitka with the commercial plugin will make sure to encrypt all traceback outputs. They still carry the information as you want, but only you will be able to decode them.

Symmetric encryption (and asymmetric encryption in a future update) are available for you to use there.

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Encrypted outputs

If you need to query information from a machine, or just in general want to have perfect protection, you can use the Nuitka plugin to make sure it can only output encrypted information on standard output and standard error.

This will allow you to decode outputs as necessary, and will make sure it’s not readable to anybody but you.

Special needs (Commercial only use cases)

In this instance, you have special wishes that only commercial customers will have and that are effort to maintain.

  • You might e.g. you want to deploy a Windows service

    For this, there is a dedicated plugin in Nuitka that makes deployment of a practically unchanged program as a service very easy.

  • You might need to support special commercial grade software.

    This can be done, but you might have to pay for the development time this takes.

  • You might need to support very old OSes, e.g. RHEL 5.

    Again, this can be done, but you might have to pay for the development time this takes.

  • Automatic download, alerts to, applying updates of deployed software.

    This is not yet implemented, but will be added in a future update.

    Support for these things will also be covered in the Nuitka commercial package, and while you might not care necessarily about hiding your source or data, but much rather you care about the quality of deployment of your software.

Priority Issue Solutions

You might have an issue that blocks you from using Nuitka, which you want to use though, because of performance gains, the IP protection, with or without the commercial plugins.

The Nuitka Priority package gives you access to elevated priority of your issues. If you buy this, reported issues will be solved with highest priority, to enable you using Nuitka.


You are happy in using Nuitka and you want to benefit it, because it solves a crucial part of your workflow in deployment. You may or may not need the priority package or the commercial package. You can pay the relatively large amount and help Nuitka development in general. And you can know that it remains active and supported and pay back to the relatively free service you get on a daily basis.

Naturally sponsors will be entitled to all access and treated with highest priority.


Nuitka Commercial

€ 250

  • Commercial only Features

  • All your applications

  • Standard Support

Nuitka Priority

€ 250

  • Best Support

  • Issues have Priority

  • No Commercial features

Full Package

€ 400

  • Nuitka Commercial plus

  • Nuitka Priority


€ 1000

  • Best Support

  • Nuitka Commercial

  • Roadmap Influence

  • Use Cases Priority

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