If you have some issue or need support for Nuitka these are your options:

Commercial Grade Support

While Nuitka is Free Software, your software is not, and you want to get help with the tool, somebody to do it for you, or a quick solution, or even better IP protection with more advanced techniques. You are best served here in the Nuitka Commercial area..


You want to sponsor Nuitka development, as it is a cool project to make Python a fast programming language, please head here and pledge your support. Donations.

Github Issue Tracker

Nuitka uses Github for public issue tracking (commercial users have a private tracker available) and your can report the issue on the issue tracker there.

Chat Room

Try the chat room on Discord, which although not a replacement for an issue tracker, can be used for first contact and questions. It is not an interactive User Manual though. Please refer to that first. You are also welcome to lurk and help others.

Alternatively you can use this Gitter chat room, that mirrors the general Discord chat:

Join the chat at