Nuitka Namesake

The most credits are deserved by my ever loving and forgiving wife, who bares with me for spending literally all my spare and other time thinking of Nuitka.

See an image of her on Twitter and make her happy with donations and Nuitka Commercial subscripts.

Contributors to Nuitka

Thanks go to these individuals for their much-valued contributions to Nuitka.

The order is sorted by time.

  • Li Xuan Ji: Contributed patches for general portability issue and enhancements to the environment variable settings.

  • Nicolas Dumazet: Found and fixed reference counting issues, import packages work, improved some of the English and generally made good code contributions all over the place, solved code generation TODOs, did tree building cleanups, core stuff.

  • Khalid Abu Bakr: Submitted patches for his work to support MinGW and Windows, debugged the issues, and helped me to get cross compile with MinGW from Linux to Windows. This was quite difficult stuff.

  • Liu Zhenhai: Submitted patches for Windows support, making the inline Scons copy actually work on Windows as well. Also reported import related bugs, and generally helped me make the Windows port more usable through his testing and information.

  • Christopher Tott: Submitted patches for Windows, and general as well as structural cleanups.

  • Pete Hunt: Submitted patches for macOS X support.

  • “ownssh”: Submitted patches for built-ins module guarding, and made massive efforts to make high-quality bug reports. Also the initial “standalone” mode implementation was created by him.

  • Juan Carlos Paco: Submitted cleanup patches, created a Nuitka GUI and a Ninja IDE plugin for Nuitka. Both of no longer actively maintained though.

  • “Dr. Equivalent”: Submitted the Nuitka Logo.

  • Johan Holmberg: Submitted patch for Python3 support on macOS X.

  • Umbra: Submitted patches to make the Windows port more usable, adding user provided application icons, as well as MSVC support for large constants and console applications.

  • David Cortesi: Submitted patches and test cases to make macOS port more usable, specifically for the Python3 standalone support of Qt.

  • Andrew Leech: Submitted github pull request to allow using “-m nuitka” to call the compiler. Also pull request to improve bist_nuitka and to do the registration.

  • Paweł K: Submitted github pull request to remove glibc from standalone distribution, saving size and improving robustness considering the various distributions.

  • Orsiris de Jong: Submitted github pull request to implement the dependency walking with pefile under Windows. Also provided the implementation of Dejong Stacks.

  • Jorj X. McKie: Submitted github pull requests with NumPy plugin to retain its accelerating libraries, and Tkinter to include the TCL distribution on Windows.

  • Ben Fässler (alias “Fire Cube”): Lots of work on Nuitka Package configuration yaml configuration and mass migration of older Python plugin code to it, introducing the YAML schema for Nuitka Package configuration. Also added a well needed formatter that retains comments. Introduced the options-nanny plugin, and last but not least, helped with the website design, in particular polishing the CSS for the subscribe buttons to look very good.

Projects used by Nuitka

  • The CPython project

    Thanks for giving us CPython, which is the base of Nuitka. We are nothing without it.

  • The GCC project

    Thanks for not only the best compiler suite but also thanks for making it easy supporting to get Nuitka off the ground. Your compiler was the first usable for Nuitka and with very little effort.

  • The SCons project

    Thanks for tackling the difficult points and providing a Python environment to make the build results. This is such a perfect fit to Nuitka and a dependency that will likely remain.

  • The valgrind project

    Luckily we can use Valgrind to determine if something is an actual improvement without the noise. And it’s also helpful to determine what’s actually happening when comparing.

  • The NeuroDebian project

    Thanks for hosting the build infrastructure that the Debian and sponsor Yaroslav Halchenko uses to provide packages for all Ubuntu versions.

  • The openSUSE Buildservice

    Thanks for hosting this excellent service that allows us to provide RPMs for a large variety of platforms and make them available immediately nearly at release time.

  • The MinGW64 project

    Thanks for porting the gcc to Windows. This allowed portability of Nuitka with relatively little effort.

  • The Buildbot project

    Thanks for creating an easy to deploy and use continuous integration framework that also runs on Windows and is written and configured in Python code. This allows running the Nuitka tests long before release time.

  • The isort project

    Thanks for making nice import ordering so easy. This makes it so easy to let your IDE do it and clean up afterward.

  • The black project

    Thanks for making a fast and reliable way for automatically formatting the Nuitka source code.