Contribute To Nuitka

This page lists the many ways absolutely everybody can help and make Nuitka become even better.

  1. Donation

    To exclusively support the free work on Nuitka and its costs, you can make a donation.

  2. Become a commercial subscriber

    The money earned through Nuitka commercial is in large part used to enhance standard Nuitka, which makes it possible to begin with. So Purchase Nuitka Commercial.

  3. Enhance the documentation and website

    This is very helpful, read all about how easy it is on our Website Contribution Manual.

  4. Become part of the Nuitka issue triage team.

    Help assess new issues of Nuitka and categorize and solve them, by joining our Discord and getting in touch with us there.

  5. Enhance Nuitka compatibility

    Please create PRs for Nuitka.

    Adding support for packages with missing DLLs or missing data files is very easy thanks to Nuitka Package Configuration.

  6. Add more Nuitka Optimization

    Adding new optimization is much harder, but join our Discord server and ask how you can help. You can help with only Python skills, and with C and Python skills, you will be perfect.

    Recommended reading is the Developer Manual and you may find the API doc useful.