User Documentation

Nuitka User Manual

The recommended first read when you start using Nuitka. You will learn more about Nuitka fundamentals, such as requirements, tips, and credits.

Tutorial Setup and Build

Tutorial guides you through the setup and building process. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some components installed, it will help you get up and running smoothly.


Helpful tips and techniques for optimizing your experience with Nuitka. From maximizing compilation efficiency to managing dependencies and runtime considerations.


An overview of what to expect in terms of performance from Nuitka.

Use Cases

Explore various scenarios where Nuitka proves to be a powerful tool for program compilation, module embedding, and distribution.

Nuitka Package Configuration

An in-depth exploration of Nuitka’s package configuration system, offering insights into its structure, documentation, features, and usage examples.

Solutions to the Common Issues

Solutions for issues commonly faced, should help to get you off the ground with typical scenarios.