30 January 2022

Next Nuitka Live Stream

Today, Sunday 30.01.2022, there will be the third live stream of me coding on Nuitka, and talking and chatting with visitors in the Discord channel created specifically for this. I will go from 9-12 CEST and from 18 CEST until probably at least 20 CEST, but it seems I tend to go overtime.

Last time

So the last two streams are on my Youtube, these are around 4h videos, done on the same day.

In the second stream I was working on Onefile compression for all Python versions, by making the location of another Python that for Scons we sort of did already, reusable. So now, you can run Nuitka with Python2.6 and compile your legacy code, while with say 3.6 also installed on the same system, you do the zstandard compression. That will be used for other things in the future as well. This is going to be part of the next release and currently on develop.

In the first stream, I also did a little bit of performance plans, but mostly only showing people what I have there in stock, not actually went there and I started work on a upx plugin, such that DLLs for standalone are compressed with that. That also required a bit of plugin interface changes and research. This one works mostly, but will need more live. Also I think I looked at reducing what is included with the follow standard library option, getting very minimal distributions out of it.

This time

All around, this last stream, was a huge success. I was a bit under the weather last weekend, but we go on now.

Not sure yet, what to do. I might be debugging issues I have with 2.6 and a recent optimization, that prevents factory branch from becoming the next pre-release, I might be looking at macOS still. And I might be looking at the caching of bytecode demoted modules, that is kind of ready to be used, but is not currently, which is a pity. And of course, the Python PGO may get a closer look, such that e.g. it works for standalone mode.

How to Join

There is a dedicated page on the web site which has the details. Spoiler, it’s free and I have no plans for anything that involves a subscription of any kind. Of course, talking of subscription, do also checkout the Nuitka commercial offering. That is a subscription with adds that protect your IP even more than regular Nuitka.

Join me

Come and join me there. Instructions here. You know you want to do it. I know I want you to do to it!