14 January 2022

First Nuitka Live Stream

Tomorrow, Saturday 15.01.2022, there will be not one, but two live stream of me coding on Nuitka, and talking and chatting with visitors in the Discord channel created specifically for this. I will go from 9-12 CEST and from 17-20 CEST.

There is a dedicated page on the web site which has the details. Spoiler, it’s free and I have no plans for anything that involves a subscription of any kind. Of course, talking of subscription, do also checkout the Nuitka commercial offering. That is a subscription with adds that protect your IP even more than regular Nuitka.

I want to do this on a regular basis, and I will be happy to do this even when nearly nobody shows up. It will be however your chance, and in previous GSoC and generally, I made very good experiences with joint sessions. So I hope you will help me pasting code snippets and Google results in chat, and discuss the optimization that we are going to add.

Come and join me there. Instructions here. You know you want to do it. I know I want you to do to it!