Protect Program Constants Data

Consider this example information, to learn what this is about. Only Nuitka commercial offers the full protection, and this illustrates the issue with standard Python the best.

def getKey():
    return "SuperSecret"

if __name__ == "__main__":

Key is contained in the source code (separate file is dealt with in another part), and literally unprotected due to that. Lets turn it to bytecode:

python -m compileall
# produces e.g. __pycache__/, depending on Python version

strings __pycache__/important-data-demo.cpython-39.pyc

So not only are all program identified, argument names, also the string value that is our secret contained in the .pyc file. There are better ways to decode a bytecode file, that will give the data in clear form as a Python object, but at this point it should be clear, the bytecode object offers no protection for your data there. Nuitka Commercial to the rescue.

# The data-hiding plugin uses whitebox encryption to protect the constant data.
python -m nuitka --enable-plugin=data-hiding
# produces e.g. important-data.bin, depending on platform

# No output
strings important-data.bin | grep SuperSecret

For Nuitka commercial, the output is empty. Without that plugin, the string will be found. The plugin is part of the Nuitka Commercial subscription and unique in this level of protection.

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