31 January 2012

Ubuntu Packages for Nuitka

Hello there,

as I previously said, I will make these a separate announcement. Thanks to the NeuroDebian project build infrastructure, there is Nuitka packages for the Ubuntu versions back to Maverick, Natty, and Oneiric.

Please see the page What is Nuitka? for clarification of what it is now and what it wants to be.

You may use the apt sources to track Nuitka or download the packages from the page where I offer the latest version here.

Note: In fact, it’s now, which includes a hotfix release made after 0.3.19. The same is in Debian Unstable right now, waiting to propagate into Debian Testing, where there is still 0.3.18 living at this time.

I would appreciate feedback on these.

Thanks in advance, Kay