05 September 2010

Nuitka Release 0.2.1

This is to inform you about the new stable release of Nuitka. It is the extremely compatible Python compiler, “download now”.

The march goes on, this is another minor release with a bunch of substantial improvements:

Bug Fixes

  • Packages now also can be embedded with the --deep option too, before they could not be imported from the executable.

  • In-lined exec with their own future statements leaked these to the surrounding code.

Reduced Differences

  • The future print function import is now supported too.


  • Independence of the compiled function type. When I started it was merely PyCFunction and then a copy of it patched at run time, using increasingly less code from CPython. Now it’s nothing at all anymore.

  • This lead to major cleanup of run time compiled function creation code, no more methoddefs, PyCObject holding context, etc.

  • PyLint was used to find the more important style issues and potential bugs, also helping to identify some dead code.


The major difference now is the lack of a throw method for generator functions. I will try to address that in a 0.2.2 release if possible. The plan is that the 0.2.x series will complete these tasks, and 0.3 could aim at some basic optimization finally.