17 August 2018

Nuitka this week #4

Goto Generators

This continues TWN #3 where I explained what is all about.

Good news is, at the time Python2 generators were largely working with the new ways, in the mean time not only did all of the Python 2.7 test suite pass with goto generators, also did the Python 3.4 test suite, i.e. also the yield from is working with it.

The way it was done is to set m_yieldfrom in generators, and then to enter a state, where the code will only be resumed, when that sub-generator that currently it is yielding from, is finished. That makes it very much like normal yield. In fact, code generation is hardly different there.

Since the whole purpose is to get rid of make/get/setcontext, the next stop is coroutines. They have async for, async with and await but at the end of the day, the implementation comes down to yield from really with only a lot of sugar applied.

Right now, I am debugging “goto coroutines”. It’s hard to tell when it will be finished, and then asyncgen will be waiting still.

This is easily the largest change in a long time, esp. due to the heap storage changes that I already discussed. One this is finished, I expect to turn towards C types with relative ease.

Tox Plugin

Anthony Shaw took on Tox and Nuitka and created a plugin that allows using Nuitka. I am still wrapping my head around these things. It’s only a proof of concept yet. I will give it more coverage in the future.


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So there have even more hotfixes. One addresses memory leaks found with the yield from while I was adding tests. Usually if I encounter an old issue that has a small fix, that is what I do, push out a hotfix using the git flow model. Also nested namespace packages for Python3, those are the ones without a __init__.py were not working after the original directory was removed, and that got fixed.

And right now, I have hotfixes for frames close method, which apparently was never updated to work properly for coroutines and asyncgen. That is going to be in the next hotfix.


So the heap storage seems pretty complete now, and goto generators are on the final stretch. As always, things feel right around the corner. But it’s unclear how much longer I will have to debug. I am pretty sure the bare work of doing asyncgen is going to be low. Debugging that too then, that is the hard part.

A new release seems justified, but I kind of do not want to make it without that major new code used. Because apparently during the debugging, I tend to find issues that need hotfixes, so I will wait for the goto generator work to finish.