08 February 2019

Nuitka this week #12

Communication vs. Coding

Over the holiday season I sort of neglected these postings, but there are other fields, where I have put my focus, but I think these postings are now going to resume.

A quick update in a while in an eternally fluent situation, and not too polished.

Optimization Work

So, the 0.6.2 optimization work has been not a lot yet. I started some work on int/long C type and it looked good.

Week of Bugfixing

So I did this, and it turned out rather long. I continued fixing things and finishing up open things to the point that it now is clean. I hate to be falling behind. I am touching on a few more interesting topics.

Python flag -O and -OO

Nuitka was supporting -O but doing what should only the done for -OO which I only learned of now. So this is going to be supported both now.

Virtualenv vs. venv

Accelerated binaries were not running with full sys.path in the virtualenv, because site module uses sys.prefix and that was not propagated,but it now is.

Google Summer of Code for Nuitka

So the GSoC 2019 page is shaping up, the pull request to list Nuitka on the PSF project pages has been merged. More tweaking will be needed to get into perfect shape, and that has been my main communication time effort.

Finally somebody had stepped up for mentor, which means a lot to me. Now we need to see if students are willing to pick us.

And because I publish this too late. Already a bunch of stundents are showing interest and are hacking on Nuitka, which keeps me even more busy, and makes me extremely happy.

Nuitka Organisation

The Nuitka organisation on Github was introduced for my a while ago, and I had transferred the ownership of the Nuitka repository to there. Having moved the issue tracking to there, I was going more all in on it.

Recently more people have submitted PRs and with incredible quality and willingness to support it even after merge of their PR. No dry by contribution, but people looking to actually improve Nuitka together with me.

Therefore I welcome Orsiris and Jorj on board and am really happy about it.

Windows Dependencies from pefile

So Orsiris de Jong implemented a replacement for the dependency walker based code to scan DLLs for Windows standalone using the pefile module, which is likely way better at this. For starters it’s experimental in the next release, but I expect it to soon become the default.

Tkinter Plugin

And Jorj X. McKie implemented a Windows Tkinter plug-in that deals with copying of the TCL installation and integrating it with Nuitka standalone for distribution.

That is very nice and seems to affect a lot of people using that GUI style it seems.

Numpy Plugin

And Jorj X. McKie also implemented a NumPy plug-in that deals with the various acceleration methods there are, e.g. MKL, Blas, I have no idea. It copies the needed DLLs along and makes sure that numpy stays fast in standalone mode.


I continue to be very active there.

Follow @kayhayen

And lets not forget, having followers make me happy. So do re-tweets.

Adding Twitter more prominently to the web site is something that is also going to happen.

Help Wanted

If you are interested, I am tagging issues help wanted and there is a bunch, and very likely at least one you can help with.

Nuitka definitely needs more people to work on it.


If you want to help, but cannot spend the time, please consider to donate to Nuitka, and go here:

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