30 June 2012

Nuitka Release 0.3.23

This is to inform you about the new stable release of Nuitka. It is the extremely compatible Python compiler, “download now”.

This release is the one that completes the Nuitka “sun rise phase”.

All of Nuitka is now released under Apache License 2.0 which is a very liberal license, and compatible with basically all Free Software licenses there are. It’s only asking to allow integration, of what you send back, and patent grants for the code.

In the first phase of Nuitka development, I wanted to keep control over Nuitka, so it wouldn’t repeat mistakes of other projects. This is no longer a concern for me, it’s not going to happen anymore.

I would like to thank Debian Legal team, for originally bringing to my attention, that this license will be better suited, than any copyright assignment could be.

Bug Fixes

  • The compiled functions could not be used with multiprocessing or copy.copy. Fixed in already.

  • In-place operations for slices with not both bounds specified crashed the compiler. Fixed in already.

  • Cyclic imports could trigger an endless loop, because module import expressions became the parent of the imported module object. Fixed in already.

  • Modules named proc or func could not be compiled to modules or embedded due to a collision with identifiers of CPython2.7 includes. Fixed in already.

New Features

  • The function copying fix also makes pickling of compiled functions available. As it is the case for non-compiled functions in CPython, no code objects are stored, only names of module level variables.


  • Using the Apache License 2.0 for all of Nuitka now.

  • Speedcenter has been re-activated, but is not yet having a lot of benchmarks yet, subject to change.


    We have given up on this version of speedcenter meanwhile, and generate static pages with graphs instead. We can this still speedcenter.

New Tests

  • Changed the “CPython26” tests to no longer disable the parts that relied on copying of functions to work as that is now supported.

  • Extended in-place assignment tests to cover error cases of we had issues with.

  • Extended compile library test to also try and compile the path where numpy lives. This is apparently another path, where Debian installs some modules, and compiling this would have revealed issues sooner.


The release contains bug fixes, and the huge step of changing the license. It is made in preparation to PyCON EU.