26 November 2013

Nuitka and GUIs

Please see the page “What is Nuitka?” for clarification of what it is now and what it wants to be.

Nuitka is a typical compiler, just for Python, and aims to be integrating with build tools, and as such is so much a command line tool, it hurts.

Yet, there are GUIs. Yes, plural, there are even two.

Many of you are maybe using Ninja IDE already. I have developed most of early Nuitka in vim, and later, mostly because of Nuitka, switched back to Emacs. I had switched from Emacs at one point 12 years ago, but then went back a couple of years ago.

But recently +Juan Carlos convinced me to give Ninja a try. Because not only is he the creator the Nuitka GUI, but also the creator of the Ninja IDE plugin for Nuitka.

So on Windows, I now use Ninja, and I like it, a lot.

I must admit, I am not a heavy user of both Nuitka GUIs, rather being a command line guy I suppose, but that is just great. I would like to thank Juan Carlos for these contributions.

They are one sign of Nuitka getting more external recognition. It is showing that the eco system around Nuitka is indeed warming up.