26 May 2012

Nikola for nuitka.net

Some time ago, I asked about static site generators and tried a few, but nothing was as ReST friendly as I would like to. To me, ReST is to text publishing, what Python is to programming.

Well, the search has found a late hit. I had installed a work flow, where I was using the XMLRPC interface, but it was some effort, and somewhat limited.

Then Roberto Alsina announced Nikola that was just what I wanted.

I did migrate to it during the last days. Looking at the content in ReST form, was a big ease, and I already found a bit of obsolete content, and updated it. And the last release announcements, they now render somewhat prettier.

I am not using all the features yet, notable not using the image galleries yet, and the download page is not yet generated again, and so on. But this is a good base.

And while I loved it, this was the result:

apt-get remove wordpress