27 May 2022

Next Nuitka Live Stream

In the coming weekend, Saturday 04.06.2022, there will be the next live streams of me coding on Nuitka, and talking and chatting with visitors in the Discord channel created specifically for this. I will go from 10-14 CEST and potentially also one in the evening.

Last time

It’s actually been too long for me to remember what I did, but I do know that it took some time to get it right. It probably was about caching, but there are usually several topics.

I do however think that I need to use my CI machine with more processing power rather than my normal desktop, or maybe even both, because the screen capture, compiling, VS Code, and all, may make the Video otherwise stutter a bit too much.

This time

So, streaming is a huge success or Nuitka, however time is also scarce, and me starting new things, risks the release being bogged down by stabilization phases that are extended.

Not sure yet, what to do. I think, I want to look at adding the int as a C type and/or specializing code for mix of CLONG (C long value) and LONG (Python3 int object``) and INT (Python2 int object). Right now adding 1 goes through a constant object, one that is prepared, and not time consuming to reference, but still overhead to use.

How to Join Nuitka Live

There is a dedicated page on the web site which has the details. Spoiler, it’s free and I have no plans for anything that involves a subscription of any kind. Of course, talking of subscription, do also checkout the Nuitka commercial offering. That is a subscription with adds that protect your IP even more than regular Nuitka.

Join me

Come and join me there. Instructions here. You know you want to do it. I know I want you to do to it!