Self-Introduction Jorj McKie

18 May 2019

Jorj X. McKie

Hello everyone,

I am Jorj X. McKie (this is not my real name!) and I am an enthusiastic supporter of Nuitka. For the time being, my focus area within this package is standalone compilation and maintenance of the plugin feature.

Apart from extending Nuitka’s support to virtually all Python packages living out there, my driving motivation in this respect is keeping up and improving the usability of Nuitka.

You may want to look into the Nuitka Utilities repository, which contains many things I am working on.

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Short Biography

  • Born 1951 as Harald Lieder near the city of Leipzig

  • Studied Mathematics and Physics at the Frankfurt/M Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University from 10/1970 through 06/1976 (Diploma in Mathematics)

  • Professional career overview
    • insurance company (4 years): application and systems programming (IBM mainframe, Cobol, Assembler), data center lead

    • book wholesaler (5 years): systems programming and data center lead (IBM mainframe)

    • consulting company (until 2009): leading of or participating in numerous large and very large projects mostly around banking applications, banking mergers, data center optimization and quality assurance.

    • since 2009: retirement, living on Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Enjoying my beautiful house, pursuing my hobbies: mathematics, science theory, biological evolution theory, science fiction (my pseudonym comes from novels by one of my favorite authors Frank Herbert) and of course programming (maintainer of PyMuPDF, and Nuitka).

Images from Isla Margarita

House Frontview with Guardians


In favorite Pizzeria with my Wife


Seaview from my Terrace


Sunrise view from House