18 August 2011

Going to PyCon DE

Hello everybody,

I am going to the German Python conference in Leipzip and I am going to have a presentation (link in German) there.

Of course it’s about Nuitka (see What is Nuitka? ) and I hope it will get a lot of attendance. I am naturally very happy to have the opportunity to present it finally. I had wanted to visit PyCon EU, but the date was never known, and then my early booking holiday overlapped with it, so it was not an option.

Now giving this presentation will of course be exciting to me. I gave presentations as part of the day job many times, but this time it’s obviously a different. It’s also a first chance to meet the others as I never was at a Python conference before, and that will be interesting in itself.

Presenting Nuitka will of course be easy for me. Now I need to plan what I want to be able to present for a demo. Running a big thing like Mercurial would be nice, but I honestly don’t know, if that will even be difficult, or if it will take a lot of work. Also the amount of documentation available for Nuitka should increase as part of this. Designs, etc. could be made into diagrams, so people who want to join will have it easier.

Lots of possibilities, and then there is only going to be one reality. Lets hope it’s good. :-)