14 May 2019

Batakrishna Sahu

Hello everyone!

My name is Batakrishna Sahu and I am from India. I’m very grateful to be one of the 2 selected students who will work with Nuitka during Google Summer of Code 2019. My project is on “Optimizing Python 2 and Python 3 built-ins for Nuitka” mentored by Vaibhav Tulsyan, Kamran Ghanaat, Kay Hayen.

So far, ​there are a total of 69 built-ins in Python 3 and ​76 built-in in Python 2 out of which 27 built-ins are yet to be optimized in Nuitka​. My aim is to optimize those missing built-ins in Nuitka. This will make Nuitka a lot faster while working with built-ins.

I’m really excited to gain new experience while working on this project this summer.