Translate Pages

Translations of the Nuitka website are very welcome.

Here is a table of the files to translate and their styles. Everything that is not mentioned here, should be asked about if in doubt. Not all pages make sense to translate.


Before translating, I would love you to also actually review the content, if you agree it makes sense, if it can be better structured. This is very much needed unfortunately.


There are plans to get rid of pages and doc sub-folders of the site folder doc. For URLs, these are plain bad, and would e.g. be much better as python-compiler and the like. A plan will be devised and put into place, but it will just move and renamed pages.

How to Translate

# Generate the .pot files
cd intl
make gettext

# Generate .po files from .pot
sphinx-intl update -p ../output/gettext -l your_language_code

Under locales in the folder with the language code you will then have many .po files. In the .po file you can see msgid and below it msgstr. msgid contains the english original, in msgstr you can write the translation. If you then want to transfer your changes via PR, please commit only the files you have translated.

Pages That Need Translation

Directory posts/

At this time, the blog posts, esp. old ones should not be translated. I believe often new content will be created in post form, and then moved over to pages for translation. A current example are tutorial style pages including screenshots, which depending on how the e.g. Python installer look in your language, Explorer and shell prompt, even screenshots might have to be translated. This will come only later though.

Page pages/donations.rst

Yes, please go ahead. Let me know if there is any need to hint Paypal, or when Paypal is not available in your country, what alternative ways we could use.

Page pages/overview.rst

Please hold off from this one. It currently is just a duplicate of content that is just the same in index.rst and not linked anywhere, so please ignore it for now.

There is a plan to have a “feel good” cross road entry page, that will lead to the kind of page, that the home page is right now.

Page pages/pyside2.rst

Very important kind of page, of which I want to have more. Nuitka links itself to this from the plugin, and it’s a landing page to inform users about troubles that can be expected. We want to have some boilerplate for this, and a general way of adding these. These user hint pages are where I think we ought to help the users from real Nuitka to find the information, and even localized for their needs.

Page pages/support.rst

This one is not mentioning the Discord server yet, I will add that soon though. Very important page that should be linked to from many places.

Page pages/gsoc2019.rst

This is historical information, translation makes no sense, not sure what to do with it. But if Nuitka were to do it again, we would translate it ideally for the next time.

Page pages/impressum.rst

This one is required by law in my country, translators might want to add their information here. I cannot take responsibility for the content of translations, as I cannot verify it in many cases.

Page pages/Presentations.rst

This one probably should get more love content wise. It’s under construction. I want to go over the blog and link all information from there. But if you are aware of material in your language, please go ahead and add it.

Page Streaming.rst

Since this about an English offer, not sure it makes sense, I will also update it in near future somewhat, but making clear it’s going to be an English content, I think it ought to be translated on a basic level at the beginning of the page, and then have untranslated content?

Page doc/api-doc.rst

Translation makes no sense and cannot be done currently anyway. The API doc is going to be generated with Spinx, Doxygen docs are without love.

Page doc/commercial.rst and folder commercial

Translation is very welcome. There will be more content added over time. For payment options, please check out if they work for your country and if not, help me find alternatives. I was e.g. rejected for AliPay in China, but maybe other things can work. And Russia e.g. has no Paypal (which I mean to add as an alternative still).

Page doc/factory.rst

Very useful to have it translated.

Page doc/welcome.rst

This is just a playground for me, do not translate, unless we want to play around with translation mechanics. We will want to e.g. have an intelligent language switcher at some point, and could try it out there.

Page changelog/Changelog.rst

Do not translate, this is a bizarre amount of work, that may not be rewarding. For very complete translations, we can consider it though.

Page roadmap.rst

Much like changelog, not as much work, but also not as important and too much in flux, i.e. information there changes all the time, but should be up to date.

Page download.rst

Very welcome, but beware that download.rst.j2 is the real source to translate. Tables are generated into the document, this is probably a harder case technically, so hold off until this is sorted out.

Page developer-manual.rst

Makes no sense to translate. But potentially there is content that belongs to user manual in there or should be split off.

Page doc/user-manual.rst

This one is most important in my mind, optimization section needs a serious update from my side, maybe ignore that, until I get there. Review applies here very much. I think Tutorial parts might be factored out to separate documents.