Nuitka the Python Compiler

What is Nuitka

Nuitka is the optimizing Python compiler written in Python that creates executables that run without an need for a separate installer. Data files can both be included or put alongside.

Nuitka is fully compatible with Python 3 (3.4 — 3.11) and Python 2 (2.6, 2.7), works on Windows, macOS, Linux and more, basically where Python works for you already.

Nuitka Standard

The standard edition bundles your code, dependencies and data into a single executable if you want. It also does acceleration, just running faster in the same environment, and can produce extension modules as well. It is freely distributed under the Apache license.

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Nuitka Commercial

The commercial edition additionally protects your code, data and outputs, so that users of the executable cannot access these. This a private repository of plugins that you pay to get access to. Additionally, you can purchase priority support.

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