Factory Instructions

Factory Rationale

Both the master and develop branch are supposed to be working for people at all times. For experiments in the context of issues and generally features not yet ready for prime time, there we have personal branches.

You have probably come here, because you were asked to checkout a change made for you on factory or jorj.

How to get factory


git clone --branch factory https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka/Nuitka.git


pip install -U "https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka/archive/factory.zip"

How to get jorj


git clone --branch jorj https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka/Nuitka.git


pip install -U "https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka/archive/jorj.zip"

Word of Warning

These personal branches may include all kinds of stupid mistakes, e.g. not being executable with all versions, crashing, not working at all. They also frequently change without notice. So please use it only for the issue at hand or even more than usually on your own risk.

Once confirmed and found good, fixes will normally appear on develop branch relatively shortly, try to use those instead from then on.