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Not going to FOSDEM 2014

So I submitted a talk for FOSDEM “Python has a compiler now”. And it didn’t get accepted. Quite a surprise to me, but likely mostly logical. These are the accepted talks (link since became unavailable) and well, it surely didn’t fit in, right.

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My Europython 2013 report

Back from Europython 2013 in Florence for a while now. I had a presentation about my Python compiler Nuitka. You can watch the Video on Youtube. I believe it’s absolutely worth your time. I was not doing a lot of “why” at all now, only “what”, and demo times, and answering questions:

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PyCON DE 2011 - My Report

The PyCON DE 2011 is just over, sprints are still happening over the weekend, but my wife wouldn’t allow me to stay away for that long, so it’s not for me this time. Maybe next time.

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