Should you feel that you cannot help Nuitka directly, but still want to support, please consider making a donation and help this way.

Join Nuitka

You are more than welcome to join Nuitka development and help to complete the project in all minor and major ways.

The development of Nuitka occurs in git. We currently have these 3 branches:

  • main

    This branch contains the stable release, to which only hotfixes for bugs will be done. It is supposed to work at all times and is supported.

  • develop

    This branch contains the ongoing development. It may at times contain little regressions, but also new features. On this branch, the integration work is done, whereas new features might be developed on feature branches.

  • factory

    This branch contains unfinished and incomplete work. It is very frequently subject to git rebase and the public staging ground, where my work for develop branch lives first. It is intended for testing only, and it’s recommended to base any of your own development on. When updating it, you will very often get merge conflicts. Simply resolve those by doing git fetch && git reset --hard origin/factory and switch to the latest version.


The Developer Manual explains the coding rules, branching model used, with feature branches and hotfix releases, the Nuitka design and much more. Consider reading it to become a contributor. This document is intended for Nuitka users.