Tough Week

This week was clearly a tough week for my family.

My 6 years old son was hurt when he fell of some stone steps during day care after school. He broke his arm twice and it was really bad. Things didn't go optimal with that, and in the clinic, during the surgery, one of the risks materialized, and so he got content from the stomach into his lunge, which is really serious. So he ended up in intensive care in the hospital.

This meant he could not breathe without assistence anymore, but fortunately that went over quite well, so he was only one night in intensive care and then was sent on the normal kids section of the hospital.

My wife had a 3 days exams all the while, which would have been very problematic to interrupt. So I drove her to the exams very early in the morning, then to hospital playing with my son, and later to pick her up, so she can see him too. My other son, 3 years, was meanwhile in Kindergarten from where I picked him up to allow the kids to play together.

They play together each day, and they missed another very badly. The little one was very concerned with what the big one was doing.

You may like to see this picture from a happier day.

On top of that, we had the final acceptance of the new house yesterday, just barely after the son was released from hospital. The new house will also consume a lot of time for a while. I am preparing the move in about 2 weeks.

For Nuitka this meant of course that no time at all was available for it and that it will not be much in the near future. I missed a week in the day job and will need to catch up. Family and day job are priorities of course.

Luckily small things already make an improvement and then I had some things done already, so there still will be some progress. And of course, I do need some recreation in any case, and Nuitka is a lot of fun to me. I expect to make a Nuitka release 0.3.2 this weekend, and it will again be a good step ahead.

Kay Hayen