Python3 support is upcoming

Posted: 2013-01-14 20:38   |  More posts about Python Nuitka

This is kind of semi-interesting news for you Python3 lovers. My has "Python compiler Nuitka" been supporting the language somewhat, but in the next release it's going to be complete.

Support for annotations, unicode variable names, keyword only arguments, starred assignments, and full support for new meta classes have been added. So Python3.2 is covered now too.

I readied this while working on optimization, which is also seeing some progress, that I will report on another day. Plus it's "available now on PyPI" too. At the time of this writing, there is pre-releases there, but after next release, there will only stable releases published.

My take on Python3.

Keyword Only Arguments

Now seriously. I didn't miss that. And I am going to hate the extra effort it causes to implement argument parsing. And when I looked into default handling, I was just shocked:

def f( some_arg = function1(), *, some_key_arg = function2() )

What would you expect the evaluation order to be for defaults? I raised a "bug report" about it. And I am kind of shocked. Does nobody think about these things?


def f( arg1 : c_types.c_int, arg2 : c_types.c_int ) -> c_types.c_long
   return arg1+arg2

That looks pretty promising. I had known about that already, and I guess, whatever "hints" idea, we come up with Nuitka, it should at least allow this notation. Unfortunately, evaluation order of annotations is not that great either. I would expected them to come first, but they come last.

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