Nuitka Release 0.6.1

This release is not done yet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix, the options --[no]follow-import-to=package_name was supposed to not follow into the given package, but the check was executed too broadly so that e.g. package_name2 was also affected. Fixed in already.
  • Fix, wasn't detecting multiple recursions into the same package in module mode, when attempting to compile a whole sub-package. Fixed in already.
  • Fix, star imports on the module level should disable built-in name optimization except for the most critical ones, otherwise e.g. names like all or pow can become wrong. Previous workarounds for pow were not good enough.
  • Python3.7: Fix, asyncgen expressions can be created in normal functions without an immediate awaiting of the iterator to be done.

New Optimization

  • Enabled C target type void which will catch creating unused stuff more immediately and give better code for expression only statements.
  • Enabled in-place optimization for module variables, avoiding write back to the module dict for unchanged values, accelerating these operations.
  • Compile time memory savings for the yield node of Python2, no need to track if it is in an exception handler, not relevant there.
  • Using the single child node for the yield nodes gives memory savings at compile time for these, while also making them operate faster.
  • More kinds of in-place operations are now optimized, e.g. int += int and the bytes ones were specialized to perform real in-place extension where possible.


  • The operations used for async for, async with, and await were all doing a look-up of an awaitable, and then executing the yield from that awaitable as one thing. Now this is split into two parts, with a new ExpressionYieldFromAwaitable as a dedicated node.
  • The yield node types, now 3 share a base class and common computation for now, enhancing the one for awaitiable, which was not fully annotating everything that can happen.


  • Fixups for the manual Valgrind runner and the UI changes.
  • Test runner detects lock issue of clcache on Windows and considers it a permission problem that causes a retry.