Nuitka Release 0.5.29

This release is not done yet.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows: When using Scons for Python3 and Scons for Python2 on the same build directory, a warning would be given about the need to migrate. Make the Scons cache directory use the Python ABI version as a key too, to avoid these issues. Fixed in already.
  • Windows: Fixup for Python3 and Scons no more generating the MinGW64 import library for Python anymore properly. Was only working if cached from a previous install of Nuitka.
  • Plugins: Made the data files plugin mandatory and added support for the scrapy package needs.
  • Fix, added implicit dependencies for pkg_resources.external package. Fixed in already.
  • Standalone: Patch the __file__ value for technical bytecode modules loaded during Python library initialization in a more compatible way.
  • Standalone: Extension modules when loaded might actually raise legit errors, e.g. ImportError of another module, don't make those into SystemError anymore.

New Features

  • Added warning for implicit exception raises due to mismatch in unpacking length. These are statically detected, but so far were not warned about.
  • Added cache for depends.exe results. This speeds up standalone mode again as some of these calls were really slow.


  • Using twine for upload to PyPI now as recommended on their site.


This release is not done yet.


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