Loss of Service


last thursday the family moved over to the new house. This meant a minor downtime for the server that hosts Nuitka to secure it from damages. You have to imagine this machine was running in my living room. It's a NAS with ARM and native Debian support, QNAP TS-119, which served well and quiet in my home.

Now thanks to Deutsche Teuerkom monopoly on new telephone connections, I had to make a contract with them, before my old contract can move to the new house as well. They are well known for delays in the process. Seems that I will have no phone and more important, no internet until 8.11. or worse, e.g. if I dare not be reachable all day that day.

Currently the server can continue to run in the old home, but only max. 2nd november, then I will have to hand over keys. It needed no supervision in the past, so hopefully it will run on, and making a release has become tedious. I think I will make one during the week, and tell you, grab it while you still can. :-)

Kay Hayen